A child’s first and primary teachers are his parents. All parents are encouraged to be true partners with our schools in their child’s education and growth. Our schools have an "open door" policy.  Parents and custodial parents are encouraged to visit any time. Observations and  conferences may be scheduled at any time by the parent or the teacher.

Several programs are scheduled for parents throughout the year.

  • An Orientation Night is held during the first week of school to acquaint parents with the school and our unique Montessori perspective as well as to answer those everyday nitty-gritty questions. (all schools)
  • Back to School Night is held in late September.  During this night parents are invited to come to a discussion of Montessori ideas with their child’s teacher in their child’s classroom. (all schools)
  • Mother’s Night/Day and Father’s Night/Day are two popular events held in the fall and winter each year. During these special events the Montessori child has an opportunity to teach mom or dad lessons in the classroom. The children enjoy this night to show off what they have learned. (all schools)
  • Conferences are held in late January to discuss your child’s progress during the school year. A written progress report is issued in November each year.  A parent or teacher may request a conference at any time to discuss their child. (all schools)
  • Parent Coffees are held periodically throughout the year on Friday mornings to enable parents an informal opportunity to get to know one another. (all schools)
  • Playground Play Dates are held in the fall and spring to help children introduce their parents to their new friends. (Cedar Lane)
  • All School Picnics and Festivals are held at the individual schools.  Check the calendars for more information.
  • International Day is observed in lieu of Halloween. During this special day the children dress in a costume representing another land or a period in USA history. They have a party with foods from many lands and a special parade and opportunity to perform for their parents. (all schools)

Finally, we love to have parents come to school and share with us their special interest, hobby, homeland or job. Please speak with the director of your school or your child’s teacher if you would like to come to share with us.

When it came to choosing a preschool for my grandson, we could think of no more perfect place than the sylvan setting of Hunter Mill Montessori. At Hunter MIll Montessori, parents and grandparents alike can see students expand their horizons as they learn academics, social skills and independence. We couldn't be more pleased!

Pier Stock McGrath

Our family chose HMMS not only because it was recommended by all of our neighbors (and we have a lots of them) but once you step into the school, you can feel the warmth of the school community and its teachers. Our three sons attended HMMS and have far exceeded our expectations, socially, and educationally. 

The Woltz Family

Both of our kids went through the full program including Kindergarten and we could not have been happier with it. The kids loved school and Mrs. Cook and the rest of the teaching staff were engaged, responsive, and so clearly cared about all the kids. 

We chose [the school] nearly decade ago after touring many other local schools. We found its student/teacher ratio, cleanliness and educational program to be the best fit for our three children. As a working parent, I wanted a place where my child safe and cared for, while learning in an environment that met each of their different needs. 

Holly Brook Montessori School was an incredible experience for our son. He is ahead in math in elementary school, has great social skills, and is very respectful to his teachers. I give all of this credit to HB for helping to make him a well-rounded individual. Can't wait for our second to attend.

We were part of the Holly Brook family for 6 years. Our boys learned so many useful skills from math, reading, independence, and public speaking that set them up for success. One of the reasons we picked the school was due to how well they welcome international families and how open they are to learn about other cultures and traditions and incorporate them into their curriculum. We highly recommend this preschool, you will not regret it. - Sara