Pascal, the French philosopher, physicist, and mathematician said that man's mind was mathematical by nature, and that knowledge and progress came from accurate observation.

It is through the work of the senses that the child begins to develop his mathematical mind. Without the child's senses being educated he/she is at a disadvantage when categorizing the stimuli that he/she encounters; therefore, the child is not able to place in his mind the order of the world around him/her. Order is the fundamental basis of the development of the mathematical mind. If the child is presented with an ordered sequence of activities, the child builds his mathematical mind on the orderly perception of classified and graded sensory experiences. Through experience, the mind is able to assimilate the exterior order internally so that the mathematical part of the mind is a collection of facts and realities and experiences which are classified, graded, etc. for the child's future use. The mathematical mind is a product of order, precision, and the absorbent mind!

Montessori thought of math as one of the fundamental kinds of activities essential for children's development. Most adults find math difficult because they may have been introduced to it at an abstract level at an older age without clarifying concrete experiences. The children love order and they seek order. Order is the foundation of the mathematical mind. To go along with this sensitivity to order the child is equipped with the absorbent mind. With these two powers coupled with the prepared Montessori mathematical equipment the child can construct him/herself for further discovery as he/she moves into the elementary years.

When it came to choosing a preschool for my grandson, we could think of no more perfect place than the sylvan setting of Hunter Mill Montessori. At Hunter MIll Montessori, parents and grandparents alike can see students expand their horizons as they learn academics, social skills and independence. We couldn't be more pleased!

Pier Stock McGrath

Our family chose HMMS not only because it was recommended by all of our neighbors (and we have a lots of them) but once you step into the school, you can feel the warmth of the school community and its teachers. Our three sons attended HMMS and have far exceeded our expectations, socially, and educationally. 

The Woltz Family

Both of our kids went through the full program including Kindergarten and we could not have been happier with it. The kids loved school and Mrs. Cook and the rest of the teaching staff were engaged, responsive, and so clearly cared about all the kids. 

We chose [the school] nearly decade ago after touring many other local schools. We found its student/teacher ratio, cleanliness and educational program to be the best fit for our three children. As a working parent, I wanted a place where my child safe and cared for, while learning in an environment that met each of their different needs. 

Holly Brook Montessori School was an incredible experience for our son. He is ahead in math in elementary school, has great social skills, and is very respectful to his teachers. I give all of this credit to HB for helping to make him a well-rounded individual. Can't wait for our second to attend.

We were part of the Holly Brook family for 6 years. Our boys learned so many useful skills from math, reading, independence, and public speaking that set them up for success. One of the reasons we picked the school was due to how well they welcome international families and how open they are to learn about other cultures and traditions and incorporate them into their curriculum. We highly recommend this preschool, you will not regret it. - Sara